Real Estate Flipping Domain Domain For Sale

 Real Estate Flipping Domain

This domain would be great for any real estate agent/realtor, or company that buys homes as an investment tool (real estate flipping), as it is short with common phrases and easy to remember.

The idea behind this domain would be that a visitor could click a few buttons on their computer monitor, sell their home, and move out.  The owner of this domain would be the purchaser of homes, allowing sellers who are either facing foreclosure, or are in a desperate need to move out in a hurry (job related, financial crisis, having difficulties selling, etc) to get money for their homes quickly.  That being said, anyone in the real estate flipping business can advertise the phrase “click, sold, move” in all of their marketing materials, such as radio and print advertising. can also be used by any business who either offers to sell items for others, sells automotive or fitness equipment, or has a unique business strategy that would allow the domain to be logical.

This domain is available for purchase.  Please note that the domain will be moved into the buyer’s account, and may be required to remain in that account for 60 days (GoDaddy’s policy).  However, buyer gets full control and access to the domain upon completion of the transaction.

Please email or call 480-375-8997.

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